Koei Tecmo has released two short but sweet gameplay videos for Fate/Samurai Remnant, giving us a slightly closer look at how the action RPG's combat system works. For those out of the loop, you primarily play as lead character and swordsman Miyamoto, but you switch to your servant, Saber, in order to dish out powerful elemental attacks. You can also combine your assault with your partner, pulling off flashy super moves.

Against standard foes, there appears to be an emphasis on Samurai Warriors-esque crowd control, with large, sweeping attacks that hit whole groups of enemies at once. But when you're toe-to-toe with tougher enemies, you'll be forced to dodge incoming blows and retaliate at the right time to break their defences,

Honestly, it all looks very promising. There's a boss battle clip in the second trailer that immediately reminds us of other fast-paced action RPGs, like NieR or even Final Fantasy 16. The animations are great, too, and it's clear that developer Omega Force has been handed a decent budget for this particular project.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is out on PS5 and PS4 in just over a month, on the 29th September. But are you looking forward to this sword-swinging adventure? Summon your own servants in the comments section below.