PS Stars May Finally Be Integrated into PS5 Soon 1
Image: Push Square

It looks as though PS Stars is finally heading to PS5. The loyalty scheme launched almost a year ago, and has been accessible exclusively via the PlayStation mobile app since. However, Sony stated the functionality would eventually be built into PS5's system software, allowing you to use it on your console directly. Now, it appears we're getting close to that.

As spotted by TwistedVoxel, privacy settings for PS Stars have been added to PS5. Presumably implemented in a recent PS5 firmware update, these options allow you to set who can see your PS Stars level, as well as choose who can view your digital collectibles display case. Obviously, the fact PS5 now has these settings suggests the loyalty programme is on the approach. In addition to this, we've also noticed PS Stars adverts in PS5's PS Store lately.

To recap, PS Stars awards users for their PS Store purchases, playing certain games, and completing specific campaigns. You earn Points which can be redeemed against a selection of games or PS Store credit. You're also rewarded with unique digital collectibles, which can be arranged in a display case. It's free to sign up. While currently only accessible on mobile, PS Stars was always planned for implementation on PS5 too, and it seems we won't be waiting too much longer.

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