The Crew Motorfest PS5 PS4 PlayStation 1

Sony’s systems have become notorious for their lack of legitimately great arcade racers, but The Crew Motorfest could be about to plug the gap. The Ubisoft open world racer – which has clearly been inspired by Forza Horizon – potentially represents the best the genre’s going to get on PS5 and PS4, so it’s exciting to see development cross the finish line ahead of the title’s 14th September launch.

Developer Ubisoft Ivory Tower revealed the milestone on Twitter earlier this week, confirming the game “has gone gold”. For those not familiar with the industry lingo, “gold” is the phrase used by game makers when a build has been finalised and submitted to digital storefronts and Blu-ray manufacturers. The team will likely now turn its attention to a day one patch, but the core code is complete.

We’ve been waxing lyrical about The Crew Motorfest for a few weeks now, and you can read a couple of our hands on previews through here and through here. Will you be getting behind the wheel of this one? Boost into the comments section below.

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