Fans of collectathon, side-scrolling platformers may want to keep an eye on Promenade. Developed by Holy Cap Studios and published by Red Art Games, this pastel-shaded platformer looks like an adorable adventure in this release date trailer.

Launching physically and digitally on 23rd February 2024, Promenade is about a young boy named Nemo who, accompanied by his little octopus sidekick, must travel the world to gather the scattered gears of the Great Elevator. The game is aiming to include varied gameplay, and in the above trailer we see examples of that — watering a flower to turn it giant, hopping into a painting, piloting a spaceship, and more.

It just looks like a lovely, feel-good indie platformer. It's about six months away, but hopefully will be worth the wait. What do you think of Promenade? Grapple into the comments section below.