WipEout Web Browser

Regular readers will know that we're huge fans of WipEout. The futuristic racing series has long been ignored by Sony — much to our disappointment — but if you're yearning for a quick fix of eye-watering speed (and perhaps a healthy nostalgia hit) then you may be in luck.

Programmer Dominic Szablewski has managed to revive the original PS1 WipEout through means that we're not going to pretend to understand — and you can play the game right now through your web browser. What a time to be alive, etc. The browser version can be found via this link.

Szablewski has documented the porting process in a lengthy blog post that's no doubt worth reading if you're into the technical side of things. It's all pretty interesting, even if, like us, you can't wrap your head around the specifics.

"Sony has demonstrated a lack of interest in the original WipEout in the past, so my money is on their continuing absence," writes Szablewski (and we hope he's right!).

"If anyone at Sony is reading this, please consider that you have (in my opinion) two equally good options: either let it be, or shut this thing down and get a real remaster going," Szablewski concludes.

We sometimes find ourselves daydreaming about a new WipEout, but will it ever happen? Try using arrow keys to race at WipEout speeds in the comments section below.

[source phoboslab.org, via videogameschronicle.com]