Bandai Namco's theme park management sim, Park Beyond, didn't exactly set the world on fire when it launched back in June. While the game's focus on larger-than-life rides is a neat hook, it's unfortunately full of technical problems that leave the experience feeling undercooked. However, developer Limbic Entertainment is far from done, with a major game update queuing up for arrival on 29th September.

Precise details of what the free patch includes aren't available, but we do have the cliff notes version. According to the publisher, the incoming update will include "performance improvements, reworked visitor flow, mission redesign, modular building improvement and more". Additionally, the update will implement park and prefab sharing, allowing players to, well, share stuff online with each other.

As well as all that, the first premium DLC, Beyond eXtreme, has been announced, adding new missions, two new flat rides, entertainers, and over 250 scenery items. It also releases on 29th September.

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