Pacific Drive is one of the fresher, more intriguing prospects on the horizon, and though it was recently delayed into 2024, a new story trailer shown off at Gamescom's Future Games show has us anticipating a post-apocalyptic road trip of our own.

A vehicular, run-based roguelike, players drive a potentially supernatural station wagon across the Pacific Northwest, taking detours as required. It seems structurally quite similar to the excellent Slay the Spire, which is even more promising.

You'll need to repair damage and construct new modifications, in turn letting you survive longer runs, which are complicated by elemental anomalies and metallic monsters attempting to wreck your ride. Apparently, the car can develop quirks that will need to be rectified (or not), such as the horn sounding when the wheel is turned, which sounds incredibly stressful to us.

What do you think of Pacific Drive, is this one on your radar? Push the pedal to the medal and peel off into the comments section below.