Outcast: A New Beginning — which has dropped the '2' from its title, by the way — is an open world sci-fi adventure that's aiming to buck some trends. Playing as Cutter Slade, stranded on the alien planet Adelpha, you ally with the world's inhabitants as an invading force threatens them. Through a truly open structure and meaningful emergent gameplay, this is shooting for a slightly different take on the open world.

The aim of the game is essentially to revive the planet and fight back against the effects of the invasion. You can explore at your own pace and visit locations freely. Your actions will have an impact on the options available to you; for example, intercepting enemy convoys will mean they're less well supplied at their outposts, making them easier to take down. Another example is rebuilding villages and reintroducing flora and fauna, which will restore the ecosystem and open up all kinds of possibilities in terms of combat.

You can fly pretty much anywhere and have a modular weapon that can swap between typical types, such as an assault rifle or shotgun. However, the more you help the Talan, the more of their weaponry and abilities you'll have at your disposal. These include the abilitiy to summon insects which damage baddies over time, or call in alien birds that drop bombs from the sky. Again, strengthening the villages opens up more gameplay options.

It sounds like a neat system, and the game itself looks pretty decent, with a vibrant art style. Perhaps one to watch, then. There's no date attached yet, but what do you think of Outcast: A New Beginning? Tell us in the comments section below.