Tekken 8 went big at Evo 2023 with two incredibly cool character trailers. The first, embedded above, is for Raven — and we don't mean Master Raven from Tekken 7. That's right, the original Raven, who first appeared in Tekken 5, is back — and he's clearly been practicing his clone ninjutsu. Raven's trailer also gives us a look at a new stage, which is — to be blunt — full of crazy sh*t.

And then we've got someone brand new: Azucena. Hailing from Peru (and packing her own Peruvian stage), she's a coffee-loving fighter who seems to place an emphasis on evasive sways. Given the overall effectiveness of sidestepping in Tekken 8, it looks like Azucena is built to take full advantage of the mechanic.

We still don't have a release date for Tekken 8, but Bandai Namco did confirm that the current Tekken World Tour will wrap up in January 2024. We're fairly confident in Tekken 8 landing somewhere between then and Evo 2024, which will take place a year from now.

Are you happy to see Raven return? And what do you think of Azucena? Get those launchers ready in the comments section below.