Polyarc, the VR dev best known for the Moss series, has announced its next title will be a live-service multiplayer game called Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss. Set inside the Moss universe, this is a "1v1 real-time battler" where you pick three fighters with their own unique abilities and you brawl it out to see who's best. Check out the trailer above for more context.

The game is available in early access now for the Meta Quest 2, but a PSVR2 version is planned for the future. When it arrives, online crossplay will allow you to matchmake with other platforms. Seven characters will be playable at launch, and more will become available on a seasonal basis.

Polyarc CEO and co-founder Tam Armstrong said the concept for Glassbreakers was born more than seven years ago. "Creating compelling worlds with memorable characters to connect with is core to what we do, and Glassbreakers gave our team the opportunity to combine all of that with their passion for competitive gaming. We cannot wait to grow this game with our players, and it’s our hope that they’ll form connections not only with their favorite Champions, but with others in our Glassbreakers community as well."

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[source polyarcgames.com]