Mortal Kombat 1 PS5 PlayStation 5 World of Light 1
Image: Push Square

Mortal Kombat 1 will feature a full cinematic story mode like its predecessors – but it’s not the only single player option included in the game. NetherRealm Studios previously teased a new mode named Invasion, and now courtesy of the PS Blog, we’re getting our first taste of how it works. The headline? It sounds a lot like Super Smash Bros’ epic World of Light campaign.

It’s described as a board game-style RPG, where you’ll compile a party of characters and embark on an adventure, levelling them up and taking on “hordes of enemies”. Along the way, you’ll encounter various Mortal Kombat minigames, from classic Arcade Towers through to Test Your Might challenges. You’ll also unlock in-game currency which can be exchanged for artwork and various other items.

Perhaps the biggest twist here is that Invasions is being approached a little like a live service, so the challenges will change over time. The PS Blog explains: “The mode is based around different enemies and factions invading other realms in an attempt to conquer them, such as a Scorpion from a different reality invading the new era. Invaders will make themselves known throughout the game’s lifespan, and with each comes a new challenge, more traversing, and more unlockables to acquire.”

In other words, this is going to be an endless adventure for you to engage with. Obviously, the previous Mortal Kombat game was kept fresh with rotating Towers and new content for several years. We’re expecting a similar experience here, where there’s always something new to do each time you fire the fighter up.