Broken Edge looks to be the pastel-coloured, first-person, online multiplayer swordfighting game you've been waiting for. Releasing last year for PC virtual reality platforms, this is a well-liked title that's heading to PSVR2 on 19th September 2023, where it'll take advantage of the headset and controller's fancy features.

The game has you playing as various sword-swinging characters, each one adopting a different martial art. Using their different techniques, you face online opponents one-on-one. It's a simple setup but it looks like it's pulled off well.

Broken Edge has been optimised for PSVR2, meaning it makes full use of its tech. Adaptive triggers come into play when you grasp your blade, haptic feedback reflects your hits and whiffs, and eye-tracking lets you focus on the important action. This version of the game introduces the Ronin as a new character, too.

There's more info on the PS Blog if you're interested. Are you excited for Broken Edge on PSVR2? Sharpen your blades in the comments section below.