Lyney Lynette Genshin Impact PS5 PS4 PlayStation Update 1
Image: Push Square

Genshin Impact’s hugely anticipated 4.0 update will release later this week, bringing with it the all-new Hydro region of Fontaine. Of course, the underwater city is not the only major addition, with two new characters available to recruit in the form of the magical double-act, Lyney and Lynette. Ahead of the latest content drop, developer HoYoverse has released a duo of trailers detailing the new arrivals.

First is Lyney, the bow-wielding Pyro trickster introduced in the trailer below. He’s able to drop Prop Arrows onto the stage by using charged attacks, and he can ignite any surplus stacks using his Elemental Skill. Meanwhile, his Elemental Burst sees him transform into a cat in a hat, raining down fire damage on unsuspecting foes.

Lynette, meanwhile, is his sister and magical associate. She’s an Anemo sword-wielder whose Elemental Skill has a couple of styles to it, depending on whether you hold the button or tap it. Meanwhile, her Elemental Burst summons a Bogglecat Box, which taunts opponents and gains the power of the elemental properties it comes into contact with.

Both characters will be available in the first phase of banners available this week alongside update 4.0, while Lynette will actually be obtainable for free as part of a seasonal event. Will you be visiting the Hydro city of Fontaine this week and meeting Lyney and Lynette for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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