Looks Like Quake 2 Will Target PS5, PS4 Later This Month 1
Image: Push Square

When it comes to remastered versions of retro first-person shooters, Microsoft-owned publisher Bethesda seems willing to throw PlayStation a bone. And so it sounds like, according to reliable rumourmonger billbil-kun, a remastered version of Quake 2 is imminent on PS5 and PS4 – in fact, it could drop as early as next week’s QuakeCon.

Rumours have been swirling for a little while, ever since a listing was spotted by Gematsu on the Korean ratings board. A report on Dealabs.com claims that it’s seen similar documentation from the USA’s ESRB and Europe’s PEGI, which points to a 10th August or 11th August release date. QuakeCon is set to get underway right around then, so it all lines up.

Bethesda’s actually done a really good job making id Software’s old-school output available on contemporary consoles, and the original Quake is already playable on both the PS5 and PS4. Of course, this won’t be the first version of Quake 2 to launch on a PlayStation platform: the game was originally ported to the PS1 in 1999, where it actually supported the PlayStation Mouse for a more authentic, PC-style experience.

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