It looks like our beloved Sir Dan Fortesque might be resurrected in a whole new way. Eagle-eyed MediEvil fans have spotted what appears to be a tease for a film, or possibly TV show, based upon the cult classic PlayStation series.

If you head over to the official website for PlayStation Productions — the company established to adapt video games for the big and small screen — you'll find a short video under the heading 'Our Mission'. The video is a promotional clip that talks up the identity and goals of PS Productions, with various well-known PlayStation characters featuring throughout. Part-way through the video, you can quite clearly see the spindly legs of Sir Dan. All other franchises represented in the video have either already received an adaptation, or are confirmed to be happening.

Here's the post pointing it out:

Since this post made it to X, a couple of writers for film and television have teased their involvement. Chris Amick and Ben Mekler, both of whom wrote on series such as Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and Final Space, have each reacted to the above post:

Obviously none of this is totally conclusive, but the evidence points to a MediEvil adaptation. The most likely scenario is an animated TV show, going by the pair of writers' previous credits, but a movie isn't out of the question.

What do you make of this? Would you be excited to see MediEvil get some film/TV love? Dig up your thoughts in the comments section below.

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