Like a Dragon Gaiden Story

It's hard to find a more consistent franchise than Yakuza Like a Dragon (we promise we'll stop doing that at some point). Even the series' weaker instalments are packed with memorable moments and typically sick fights, and it feels like you can always count on Kazuma Kiryu and the gang to provide a mostly gripping story.

Like a Dragon's penchant for drama carries the property at times, and it looks like the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name is going to boast a suitably engrossing tale. On paper, it all sounds superb, as developer RGG Studio has just released a bunch of new plot details.

"During a mission for the Daidoji Faction, Kiryu gets wrapped up in an incident in which he encounters Akame, a mysterious woman deeply acquainted with the underbelly of Sotenbori," reads the official description.

"Using the 'Akame Network,' an intelligence network made up of the homeless, Akame gathers information and, as a jack-of-all-trades, undertakes risky requests that others avoid. Kiryu ends up working with Akame and supporting her business. As Kiryu and Akame become further acquainted while solving problems concerning the underworld such as the poverty business, a drama depicting their relationship will unfold."

Kiryu will have to contest with deadly agents of the aforementioned Daidoji Faction as the story no doubt spirals into chaos during the game's later chapters. If you've been keeping up with the Dragon of Dojima all these years, then you're probably like us — incredibly eager to see how everything unfolds.

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