Skull Island: Rise of Kong will be vying for attention in the few days before the PS5 release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 as Game Mill Entertainment reveals the game will be out on 17th October 2023. Joining the really crowded October 2023 release calendar, it's taken the original launch day of Alan Wake 2 and will come out just after Assassin's Creed Mirage and Lords of the Fallen. The date was confirmed in a new trailer, which you can catch above.

The base PS5, PS4 version will cost Β£34.99 / $39.99, or you can pay a little bit extra for the Colossal Edition (Β£44.99 / $49.99) to view the origin story through a variety of film grain filters. Raised as an oprhan, you'll be out for revenge against Gaw β€” the beast responsible for your parents' death β€” in this action brawler.

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