Sea of Stars is now just one week away from launch, and to celebrate, Sabotage Studio has released a brand new trailer. It shows off a fair bit of how the game will play, with footage of battles, exploration, fishing, cooking, levelling up, and more all thrown into the mix. Perhaps most noteworthy is the introduction of a new playable party member: Seraï.

Seraï is a "portal assassin" who joins the heroes in their quest. She's able to carve out portals using her daggers and perform sneaky attacks on enemies. Along with Zale and Valere — wielders of solar and lunar magic, respectively — and their optimistic best friend Garl, she completes a quartet of characters you can utilise in combat.

The game launches on 29th August 2023 on PS5 and PS4, and it'll also be available as part of the PS Plus Extra game catalogue from day one. Are you excited to play this one? Think with portals in the comments section below.