Gord is a grimdark "adventure-strategy" game coming to PS5 on 17th August, and we got a new look at it in motion, thanks to an Xbox-flavoured gameplay trailer. We see the kind of horrors (inspired by Slavic folklore) that will inevitably assail our cheerful townsfolk once the sun goes down.

The settlement management in Gord looks appropriately in-depth (a Gord is a specific type of Slavonic fortified settlement), but it's the adventure elements we find most intriguing. Like a stripped-back, top-down take on The Witcher, you'll lead armed bands into the wilderness in search of resources, avoid Leshy's, and defend your own land when raiders come knocking.

What do you think of Gord and this relatively novel fusion of strategy and survival/adventure mechanics? Let us know in the comments section below.

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