Granblue Fantasy Versus Sales

Outside of its shaky netcode, we always thought Granblue Fantasy Versus was a pretty great fighting game, and so it's nice to see the PS4 title surpass 1 million sales. The news comes from Cygames directly, and the figure counts both retail and digital purchases.

We suppose it's an interesting time to be highlighting sales numbers, because Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is on the horizon. Cygames has been attempting to frame Rising as a kind of sequel — or at least a brand new release — but if we're being realistic, it's essentially an expanded and enhanced version of the original Granblue Fantasy Versus (with rollback netcode, hurrah!).

It's also worth noting that Rising will not offer any kind of upgrade path to those who own the previous game. There will, however, be a free (but limited) version that everyone can try.

Are you happy to see Versus do well in the end? Aim for the skies in the comments section below.

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