Granblue Fantasy Relink August Update

Just a quick reminder for all of you RPG fans out there: we're supposed to be getting an update on Granblue Fantasy: Relink this month. The long, long awaited adventure still doesn't have a release date despite the fact that Cygames told everyone it's launching this year, but the time may finally be upon us.

Back near the start of July, Cygames stated that development on Relink was just about wrapped up, and that we'd be getting more info in August. Well, it's August now (if you can believe it!) and we'll hopefully be hearing from the team soon.

A short recap of Relink's development cycle so far: the game was originally being worked on by PlatinumGames, but Cygames shifted the project in-house a few years ago. Things have apparently being going smoothly since, with the studio providing fairly regular updates on its progress.

But again, at this point, it's all about that release date. Almost everything we've seen of Relink has looked incredibly promising, but after so many years of potential hype, we just want to get our hands on the finished product. Please.

Do you think a release date is finally coming our way this month? Raise your sword to the sky in the comments section below.