Stumble Guys PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Looking like the child born of a lucrative union between Fall Guys and Fortnite, the imaginatively named Stumble Guys has been announced for PS5 and PS4. Stumble Guys is a free-to-play Battle Royale that smashes together an impressive number of genres in a fairly consistent fashion, and it does look like a good bit of fun.

The free-to-play competitor doesn't yet have a release date, but for those interested, you can pre-register to be amongst the first to play on PlayStation when it's ready to go. We'd never heard of this title if we're being honest (it was big on mobile), but it's apparently enough of a deal to entice even Mr Beast, who's gotten in on the action recently.

What do you think of Stumble Guys, a fresh new take on a burgeoning genre, or is this a shameless imitation, a stab at replicating a proven concept? More importantly, is there room for another zany, skin-filled Battle Royale competitor on the market? Stay original in the comments section below.