Saber Interactive has made a name for itself within the niche world of hardcore simulation games. Having made Mudrunner and SnowRunner, publisher Focus Entertainment has just announced the follow-up: Expeditions. Coming to PS5 and PS4, this looks to be opening up the offroading experience even more.

Fundamentally the game looks a lot like its predecessors; you'll be driving different vehicles across all manner of tricky terrain, like thick mud, bodies of water, and rocky slopes. However, it appears there will be much larger and more varied environments to traipse through, and your missions within them will be more diverse as well. It appears you'll have access to all sorts of gadgets to help you traverse and complete your objectives.

You'll be able to build a base camp, improve your gadgets and vehicles, find caches of new equipment in the world, and more. It looks like a pretty robust evolution of the formula.

There's no date attached to the game right now, but hopefully it's not too far off. What do you make of Expeditions? Tell us in the comments section below.