Tekken x Street Fighter Evo 2023

Remember Tekken X Street Fighter? The Bandai Namco project was announced during the PS3 generation as something of a contrasting companion to Street Fighter X Tekken — another supposed crossover of the two popular fighting game franchises, but in the style of Tekken, rather than Street Fighter.

However, unlike its divisive sibling, Tekken x Street Fighter never actually happened, and the seemingly cancelled project's ghost has haunted the fighting game community ever since. Every now and then, whispers of the abandoned title make their way through the usual social media channels, but talk came back with a bang over the weekend thanks to Evo 2023.

(Thanks Kakuchopurei for clipping the moment)

Just before the Tekken 7 finals on Sunday, Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada and lead game designer Michael Murray were joined by a surprise guest on stage. It was none other than Yoshinori Ono, the ex-Capcom veteran who spearheaded many a Street Fighter project. Having left the company back in 2020, Ono's shock appearance prompted cheers from the crowd.

Acting startled themselves, Harada and Murray surrendered a mic to Ono, who went on to ask Harada about their "homework". And then, before he was comically ushered off stage by a (jokingly) outraged Harada, Ono mentioned "Tekken cro--". An obvious reference to the unfinished Tekken x (cross) Street Fighter, which Ono would have been a part of back in the day.

It was the funniest moment of Evo 2023, and just for a minute, it had people wondering whether Tekken x Street Fighter was about to make a return. But with Tekken 8 on the immediate horizon, we'd be surprised if this was an official tease for anything imminent — especially since Ono obviously doesn't work at Capcom anymore.

Could he be a guest producer, though? Could things be moving behind the scenes? We wouldn't like to bet on it, but it's safe to say that we're big fans of Harada and the gang's on-stage antics.