We'll be honest: Everhood is a game that completely passed us by back in 2021. Releasing on Switch and PC, this indie title, which melds together rhythm action with an RPG-like adventure, received glowing reviews at the time. Now, developer Foreign Gnomes has teamed up with BlitWorks Games to bring it to PS5 and PS4 in an enhanced version titled Everhood: Eternity Edition.

Reminding us in some ways of Undertale, Everhood: Eternity Edition has a retro style, unique battle system, and a cast of unusual characters you'll meet during the bizarre story. Fights are based around original music tracks, and have you dodging notes and beats rather than trying to hit them rhythmically. This version of the game will include an additional 16 songs and battles for returning players to enjoy, too.

Outside of combat, the title looks to be a charming old school adventure, all about exploring the land and meeting strange characters. It looks like an unusual game but one we're definitely keen to try for ourselves. Fortunately, it's not too far away; Eternity Edition arrives on 28th September.

Will you be checking this out? Did you already play Everhood on other platforms? Let us know in the comments section below.