Earth Defense Force World Brothers 2

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers released for PS4 back in 2020, and made its way West in 2021. It was a character-collecting spinoff that provided hours of mission-based entertainment, all wrapped up in eye-catching voxel visuals. It was great fun either alone or in co-op with friends, and now, a sequel has been officially announced.

The predictably named Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 will seemingly offer more of the same, albeit with additional character classes and enemy types. We're anticipating a typically bigger — and hopefully better — sequel.

It's only been announced in Japan at the time of writing, so we'd assume western EDF fans will be in for a bit of a wait when it comes to news of a localisation effort. Still, something to look forward to!

Are you an EDF fan? Did you play the first World Brothers? Go ahead and give us the full EDF chant in the comments section below.

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