EA Sports FC 24’s commentary is still pretty poor compared to the likes of NBA 2K23 and MLB The Show 23, but one innovation the publisher is adding this year are gantry cinematics. As part of the release’s new dynamic menus, which allow you to fiddle with settings while cutscenes play in the background, you’ll be able to see the likes of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson in the flesh, while they get ready to call the match.

Robson talked a little bit about the process of being added to the game in a recent segment on ESPN FC:

This year’s game will include a second commentary team for variety, with Guy Mowbray and Sam Smith hosting that. And sideline reporter Alex Scott will also return, and has been rendered in the game alongside her colleagues.

Elsewhere, the Frostbite Engine has been given a big overhaul. The new Sapien technology, which is also in Madden NFL 24 this year, promises more accurate body types, while cloth physics have also been enhanced to better illustrate the athleticism of the players. EA Sports is also eager to innovate from the broadcast perspective: it says it’s consulted with real-world television networks, and come up with augmented reality overlays it believes could be added to actual matches in the future.

Other minor additions include a ref cam, which will highlight key moments from a different perspective, as well as enhanced lighting which improves the overall contrast and helps players pop off the screen better than before.

Look, whatever your opinion of EA Sports FC 24, there’s no denying it’s a beautiful game – although perhaps not when Robson’s on screen!

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