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Electronic Arts will not be contesting the $11.7k USD (€10.8k, £9.2k) fine it got hit with after an Austrian court ruled that FIFA's loot boxes violate the nation's gambling laws. In 2023, after covering all operating expenses, EA reported a net income of $802 million and total assets amounting to $13.4 billion.

Sony got wrangled into the affair back in March and was ordered to pay back affected players, as the loot boxes were purchased through the PlayStation Store (although it still has the opportunity to appeal).

A spokesperson for EA explained the reasoning to, stating: "We disagree with the court's decision and believe it got both the facts and law wrong in this case. While we've decided not to appeal this narrow decision, which has no broader legal impact beyond this individual claim, we are confident that our games do not constitute gambling and that we are in full compliance with local laws."

In Austria, courts rule on individual cases, which then have no bearing on subsequent cases, and EA has previously won similar cases in the country.

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