Dustborn is a single-player story-driven action adventure game developed by Read Thread Games and published by Quantic Dream. It was first revealed back in 2020 and is now targeting a release in early 2024, and we got a new trailer at Gamescom's Opening Night Live.

Taking a page out of the Skyrim playbook, words are your weapons in Dustborn. You play as Pax, an exile and an Anomal, with the ability to weaponize language and fight by using Shouts and manipulating others in conversation with Vox. New words can be crafted in order to evade the authoritarian Justice as you attempt to smuggle a mysterious package across a vast, alternate-history American Republic, posing as a punk band.

This means rehearsals and a road trip of epic proportions as you journey from Pacifica to Nova Scotia, stopping off along the way to help out the locals in iconic locations and taking on unexpected assignments, and seeing the sights, time permitting.

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