Destiny 2 Showcase 2023

Bungie has announced that it'll be hosting its annual Destiny 2 Showcase next week, on the 22nd August. Naturally, it'll feature fresh info on The Final Shape — the shooter's next expansion — Season 22 of the game, the next reprised raid, and "more".

If you've been keeping up with Destiny 2, you'll know that things have been more than a bit rocky in recent months. Following the release of Lightfall back in February — which seemed to divide opinion on its own — Bungie has struggled to keep a lot of players onside, with some decisions on playable content and the game's structure being quite heavily criticised by parts of the community.

From the outside looking in, it must look like one heck of a toxic relationship. Destiny 2 has managed to maintain a healthy player count all these years, but its a source of near constant drama in the news cycle. This showcase, then, will hopefully give Bungie a platform to spread some positivity for the future.

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