Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Gamescom Gameplay

Another game's been confirmed for Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live event at Gamescom next week, and it is, of course, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (yes, we know it's technically an expansion, and not a game). Keighley's promising "a world premiere new look at gameplay", while Cyberpunk 2077's official social media account clarifies that it'll be a gameplay trailer.

Still, if you're looking forward to diving back into Night City in September, this should be a hype showing.

Other confirmed Opening Night Live titles include Crimson Desert, Black Myth: Wukong, and Alan Wake 2. We wouldn't be at all surprised to see a few more attendees be revealed in the coming days.

And for what it's worth, Keighley has stressed that this year's show is about big updates on upcoming games. As such, we'd advise against going into this event expecting megaton announcement after megaton announcement. It's looking like new trailers, gameplay demos, and release dates (hopefully!) will be the focus.

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