Satirical delivery sim Parcel Corps may not be scheduled to arrive until 2024, but it’s once again brought the goods with this traversal trailer. While the clip doesn’t reveal too much new, it does showcase how you’ll be able to use your bicycle to navigate its dystopian cel-shaded city, grinding on rails and wall-riding to reach your destination.

“Skid onto the sun kissed streets of New Island, where three bicycle courier corporations are vying to become the biggest, most profitable business in town,” the blurb teases. “Pick a side then lock handlebars forming two-wheeled rivalries in pursuit of market share, influence, and a modest income.”

There’s definitely potential in this one, and the traversal gameplay’s already looking great. With this on the way and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk right around the corner, it’s shaping up to be a compelling couple of years for urban extreme sports experiences.