It's a good day to be a Broken Sword fan. Developer Revolution Software has just announced not one but two projects โ€” the first is Broken Sword: Parzival's Stone, an all-new entry in the adventure series, and the second is Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Reforged, a remaster of the original.

Both of these titles are shown off in the above trailer. Parzival's Stone, which will be the sixth game in the series, features modern point and click gameplay and a 'Super 2D' visual style. This technique essentially applies a hand-drawn, 2D look to 3D models, and the result looks pretty unique. As far as the story goes, we only have this brief synopsis: "George and Nico reunite but are soon drawn into a terrifying conspiracy in a world of hidden treasure hunters, brutal mediaeval histories, and Quantum Physics." It doesn't have a release date currently.

As for the remaster, it's due for release in early 2024, and Revolution is "re-drawing backgrounds, re-animating sprites and honing many other aspects of the original game". It'll be rendered in full 4K and will upscale the audio to match the improved visuals.

Both games are part of what Revolution is calling the Broken Sword Renaissance, which suggests that more is in the works. Still, even with just these two, that's plenty for fans to get excited about. Console platforms are vague at the moment but we doubt these will skip PlayStation. Are you excited for this pair of Broken Sword games? Tell us in the comments section below.