Terra Memoria is a cosy RPG with a gorgeous pixel art style and crunchy turn-based combat, and it's "coming soon" to PS5. We got a new gameplay trailer teasing the kind of adventure interested players can look forward to, one filled with anthropomorphic animal people like a bearded rhino, or a lute-playing sloth.

Developed by Dear Villagers, purveyors of fine video games like The Forgotten City, The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos, and the upcoming Fort Solis, Terra Memoria looks similarly high quality, and a game we'll be keeping an eye on. With a focus on exploration and puzzle solving, a cast of colourful characters, and turn-based battles to engage in, this one might appeal to those after something a bit lighter than the usual AAA fare.

What do you think of Terra Memoria, does it look like your cup of tea? Solve your problems in an orderly fashion in the comments section below.

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