Hype merchant Geoff Keighley is currently building up towards his next major gaming showcase. Later this month, on 22nd August, he'll be hosting Gamescom Opening Night Live, which will feature updates and announcements on various upcoming titles. The teases have begun in earnest now, with Keighley enticing horror fans with the promise of Alan Wake 2.

Yes, Remedy's upcoming sequel will be present during the show, and the host is teasing a "brand new reveal", whatever that means:

It's not unreasonable to expect a bit of gameplay, seeing as the game is fast approaching its October launch. We've seen a little of the game in action, but we reckon we'll be seeing a good chunk more during Gamescom's showcase.

This probably won't be the last game Keighley teases before the big night, so keep a lookout on social media for more hints. Are you excited to see Alan Wake 2 at Opening Night Live? Keep the lights on in the comments section below.

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