Update: EA has now posted the official announcement trailer for EA Sports FC 24, which you can catch above. The faces look a tiny bit better in motion footage, but this obviously isn't actual gameplay.

Original article: EA has officially begun its marketing rollout for its big breakaway from FIFA, starting with the Ultimate Edition boxart for EA Sports FC. Attempting to replicate the "everyone is here" meme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it features loads of famous footballers, both past and present. The only issue is, well... look at their faces.

It's not known whether the players will actually look like this in-game, but the cover art for the most expensive version of the PS5, PS4 title features some pretty questionable facial renders. Legendary Italian midfielder Andre Pirlo looks like he's seen a ghost, Arsenal sensation Bukayo Saka looks absolutely nothing like the real-life player, Virgil Dan Dijk seems to have a black eye, and Real Madrid maestro Vinicius Junior has his face all screwed up. Meanwhile, Leah Williamson deserves a formal apology.

We recommend opening up the tweet below and really having a good zoom in so you can see just how shocking some of these renders are. The likes of David Beckham, Jude Bellingham, and Alexander Isak seem to have gotten off very lightly.

The PS5, PS4 game is reportedly set for a 29th September 2023 launch, with more details expected soon. What do you make of the horror show on the front of the Ultimate Edition? Pick out the worst offences in the comments below.

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