Killsquad is a frenetic mix of hack-and-slash melee combat and twin-stick shooter gameplay, and it's out today on PS5 and PS4. We got a fun gameplay trailer showing it off in motion, and we appreciate its big daytime TV advertisement energy.

Supporting four-player cooperative gameplay, players can choose one of four different alien bounty hunters, each with their own unique playstyle. These characters can be further customised with a skill system that allows for an evolving progression across the game's campaign. Players will visit five different worlds as they chase 30+ contracts across the stars. Add to this horde of disturbing enemies, as well as plenty of climactic boss encounters, and you've got a recipe for some multiplayer mayhem.

What do you think of Killsquad? Does the prospect of some cooperative carnage appeal, or do you prefer more solidarity pursuits? Let us know in the comments section below.