Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is apparently going for some kind of "craziest take on a real-world historical event" award, and we think it deserves to win (were one to exist). The best part is you can check it out stress-free with a three-hour-long PS Plus Premium trial. Even better, it's out today.

Playing as either samurai, ninja, or sumo-wrestler, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising reframes real American historical figure Commodore Matthew C. Perry as some kind of necromantic overlord, determined to force Japan's borders open through the force of undead arms. Of course, the real-world Perry did much the same thing in the 1850s, instead using his brand-spanking new gunboats to intimidate the formerly isolationist nation to do business, and where the expression "gunboat diplomacy" is thought to have originated.

Do you have burning historical reasons for wanting to check out Ed-0: Zombie Uprising? Or are you just down to see what kind of damage a sumo could really do, free of the constraints (and morality) of a competition setting? Make your intentions known in the comments section below.

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