The original Truck Driver from SOEDESCO was a bit of a disaster: you may recall the publisher actually recruited a different developer to patch the title post-release, and while it was planned to be ported to PS5 on multiple occasions, it never actually happened. It’s a shame as well: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have proven massively popular on PC, but look unlikely to ever get console ports.

Truck Driver: The American Dream appears to be SOEDESCO’s second shot at bringing the spirit of SCS Software’s smash hits to consoles. “With the Truck Driver franchise now coming to next-gen, there will be some notable upgrades to the gameplay and visuals,” the press release teases. “From stunning landscapes and a captivating story about what it means to be a truck driver, to seamless day/night cycles and ray tracing technology. Redefining the simulation genre, Truck Driver: The American Dream will be a title that both old fans and new players will enjoy.”

This is running on Unreal Engine 5, although clearly it’s not the biggest budget project you’re going to see on Sony’s system this year. As mentioned above, there is also a story mode, which uses painted cutscenes and looks a little bit odd, but should help give some context to all the deliveries you’re running. The game’s due out on 26th September, and we’ll be sure to give it a shot – hopefully it can scratch that truck sim itch we’ve been having for a while.