Falcom New Project
Image: Push Square

For years now, Japanese developer Falcom has been delivering a new game every 12 months or so, with an almost exclusive focus on its two most popular properties: The Legend of Heroes (commonly referred to as Trails these days) and Ys. However, now that Falcom's titles are starting to hit harder in the West — giving the company the widest reach it's ever had — it sounds like it's time to start expanding the Falcom portfolio.

In a new interview that we conducted with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo, we were told that the company wants "to show fans something brand new that isn’t in either the Ys or Trails series". Kondo elaborates: "We’re currently working on that."

Recently, there have been rumours (and potential hints) that Falcom is going to continue Tokyo Xanadu in some form. The original 2015 game was an action RPG in a similar vein to the modern Ys titles, but it also placed a heavy emphasis on character-driven storytelling, much like what you'd expect from a Trails release.

We don't know if that rumoured project is what Kondo's referring to, but he did use the term "brand new" in his answer to our question about Falcom's immediate future.

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