Remnant 2 PS5

With the PS5 release of Remnant II right around the corner, the game's Platinum Trophy requirements have made their way online. While it's the Xbox Series X|S list of Achievements we are pulling from, the PS5 version will have the exact same digital trinkets. They don't seem all that difficult looking from the outside in — have a look on Exophase.

You will need to meet a variety of characters and kill a whole host of bosses — presumably, this is all tied to main story progress — then acquire up to 20 melee weapons and 30 guns. There will also be Trophies for crafting weapon mods, upgrading Boss Weapons, and earning Scrap. Due to the endlessly replayable nature of the game, it's unlikely any single Trophy will be missable.

Remnant 2 releases for PS5 on 25th July 2023, but an Ultimate Edition grants three days of early access, starting this coming Saturday. Are you excited about the sequel? Plot your way to the Platinum Trophy in the comments below.