The Caligula Effect 2 is getting another chance to make things right, with a PS5 port officially dated for October 2023, the 17th in North America and 20th in Europe. This particular entry bucks genre trends and tells a sci-fi tale in which a group of students suddenly realise they are living inside a simulation.

Persona fans might find something to like here, just don't go in expecting Atlus levels of quality (despite featuring story scenarios written by Persona writer Tadashi Satomi and director Takuya Yamanaka). Playing through the original PS4 release, we enjoyed the game for what it was but felt some ugly visuals and bland dungeons design held the game back. If that doesn't bother you, and you're intrigued by the premise, then you might find a diamond in the rough with this one.

Did you give The Caligula Effect 2 a go back when it first launched? Does the prospect of a PS5 port intrigue you? Face reality in the comments section below.