Stranded Deep PS4

Stranded Deep is a survival crafting game that takes place in that most horrific of all locales: the desert island. You wouldn't expect such a remote setting to be fertile soil for Trophy farmers, and yet the game's latest update makes it just that, thanks to what appears to be a viral bug.

The story begins, as so many worth telling do, on the PSNProfiles forums where a thread titled "FREE PLAT get it while the update broke the game!" began to attract attention (thanks PlayStation LifeStyle).

Apparently, something in the game's most recent update (which has seemingly gone noticed for a month) borked things to such an extent that joining a co-op game with a player who has the game's Platinum will unlock it in your own (along with every other Trophy, as a bonus).

Multiple commenters in the thread confirmed this works, which has led to something of a self-perpetuating Platinum moment. Players with the Platinum are offering to join up with those without, widening the spread, while Trophy lawyers debate the ethics of such a method of unlock.

It's hard to say precisely, but according to what can be gleaned via the Wayback Machine's last scrubbing (23rd March 2022) and PSNProfiles Stranded Deep page today, the recorded number of Platinum Trophy unlocks appears to have doubled, which does seem somewhat suspect, considering the game was released on PS Plus back in in 2021.

Do you have the Platinum Trophy in Stranded Deep? Will you be sharing it with others? Let us know what you think of this whole debacle in the comments section below.

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