Skate (or Skate 4, as it's colloquially known) is currently in development, with EA inviting the community in over the past year to kick its tiny, skate-board-sized wheels on PC. This has all been going swimmingly, apparently, but EA has thrown us console warriors a lifeline; we'll get the chance to have our say on PlayStation platforms, although the timeline on that one is anybody's guess.

The news comes to us via an update blog post, where EA promised console playtesting would be on the agenda eventually. Currently, in a pre-pre-alpha state, Skate is shaping to be a fine continuation of the series, opting to go the service route with a free-to-play model this time around. Each month, the devs provide a video update, and in June things really started to come together. The final release is likely still several years away, but so far, so good.

Are you eagerly awaiting each Skate update? Were you a serial Thrasher, an aficionado of the earlier series? Don't lean too far forward in the comments section below.