EXOPRIMAL Review PS5 PS4 Capcom 1

Exoprimal launches tomorrow, 14th July, on PS5 and PS4 – but our review won’t be live to mark the occasion. Capcom’s latest shooter is a heavily online co-op focused game, and while we’ve had code for a few days, the servers have only just gone live. This means outside of the various pre-release betas, we’re yet to really start our crusade in the game.

In order to bring you the best possible review, we want to ensure we’re playing on public servers with the rest of you. Ultimately, this means that our review is going to be delayed by several days. While we’ll be pouring many hours into the release this weekend, it’s unlikely we’ll be in a position to accurately appraise the title until later next week.

However, we will bring you some early impressions and first thoughts over the weekend, so you can get a general idea of which way the wind is blowing. Obviously this isn’t an ideal situation; we wish we could bring you a review on launch day. However, in this situation, with such a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, we reckon it’s best to get started with the rest of you.