Site News: Accessibility Brought to the Fore in New Push Square Partnership 1
Image: Push Square

PlayStation has led the industry when it comes to accessibility, with first-party studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, and others all innovating to ensure its PS5 and PS4 titles can be enjoyed by more people. This has led to the Japanese giant winning a number of awards for its efforts, and later this year it’ll release the PS5 Access Controller, a new peripheral designed in collaboration with various charities in order to ensure everyone can play.

With accessibility becoming an important talking point across the industry, Push Square – along with our wider Hookshot Media family, Nintendo Life and Pure Xbox – has partnered with the Family Gaming Database to incorporate its in-depth accessibility information on over 1,400 games into our website. This means you’ll get a detailed breakdown on both game pages and reviews about the kind of accessibility options included in a given release. You can refer to our God of War Ragnarok review as an example.

Andy Robertson, the founder of the Family Gaming Database, said of the partnership: “This is an exciting moment for the database. Not only do we get to get this important information in front of readers of Nintendo Life and other Hookshot Media’s websites, but their support means we can further invest and expand our coverage of accessibility data. This partnership proves the value and ease of including this data on editorial sites and I fully expect this is the first of many partnerships.”

And our very own overlord, Hookshot Media’s Anthony Dickens, added: “We wanted to provide accessibility information for our readers, but do more than simply listing the settings a game offers. The partnership with Family Gaming Database enables us to highlight games that offer well-designed accessibility that makes a real difference to players. We also link to their full accessibility report for the full picture.”

We sincerely hope you’ll find this information beneficial and useful, and we look forward to spotlighting the accessibility information for tentpole titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and more moving forwards.