Sonic the Hedgehog Reboots Remakes 1

SEGA wants to bring “remakes and reboots” of older Sonic the Hedgehog games to contemporary consoles, like PS5 and PS4. President Yukio Sugino confirmed the tidbit in an interview with Famitsu, as spotted by DualShockers – but insisted its strategy wouldn’t prevent it from exploring new original ideas as well.

“Of course, we have to do new things,” he admitted. “We will develop while selecting which is appropriate at this time for each IP, such as ‘This is the best way to do this IP.’ Sonic is also SEGA's signature IP, and in parallel with the new games [like Sonic Superstars], we are considering reboots and remakes.”

To be fair, SEGA’s already brought back a number of the classic entries in the sidescroller series, courtesy of the recently revamped Sonic Origins compilation, which now also includes a bunch of Game Gear titles. Personally, we have fond memories of the Dreamcast era, so we’d like to see Sonic Adventure revisited – even if it’s just HD ports.

Is there any particular Sonic the Hedgehog game you’d like to see get revamped for modern consoles? And what of SEGA’s wider catalogue: would you like to see the likes of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi resurrected? Samba De Amigo will make its long-awaited comeback on Nintendo Switch this year, so it seems anything is possible from the publisher right now.

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