Remnant 2 PS5

Following some concerns from its community, Remnant II studio Gunfire Games has put minds at ease by announcing the PS5 sequel will indeed have a 60fps mode at launch. It comes with the warning that "it may dip occasionally", says Gunfire Games president David Adams, but it's "overall pretty solid".

As part of a short Twitter AMA, Adams also confirmed you can turn off any motion blur, you can change your primary archetype, adventure mode will be there at launch, and the game contains many secrets. News of a 60fps mode also basically confirms Remnant II will also have a Quality Mode, improving the visuals most likely at 30 frames-per-second.

Remnant II launches for PS5 on 25th July 2023, but you can gain early access from this weekend by buying the Ultimate Edition β€” it also gives you access to three expansions in the future and armour packs from the first game. Are you looking forward to the game, particularly now you can play it at 60fps? Let us know in the comments below.