Ever wondered what abstract concepts like rebellion or loyalty smell like? We neither, but the list of products Atlus hasn't yet managed to shoehorn the cast of Persona 5 into grows shorter every day. Case in point, this collaboration between the publisher and gaming candle maker Wick & Skull offering officially licenced Phantom Thieves candles that look like a real treat for the nasal passages.

Atlus revealed a few of its offerings, giving us the answer to our most burning of questions. Ryuji's will smell of leather (as well as amber and vetiver), which seems pretty punk and is fitting enough. Haru's, meanwhile, will contain notes of freesia, lilac, and peach, and it's probably the more appealing of the two, honestly.

Featuring a 35-hour burn time, these candles are the perfect accompaniment to a fresh Persona 5 playthrough and should last you at least through the game's tutorial. What do you think of these Phantom Thief candles? Keep a light on in the comments section below.

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