Geralt of Rivia is getting a makeover like never before, with a high-end figurine of the character being rendered in bishoujo ("beautiful girl") style from specialist manufacturers Kotobukiya. In fact, Kotobukiya has partnered with CD Projekt to produce a range of figures (229mm tall) based on characters from the series, and Ciri is up next.

The detail is kind of incredible, and as the product's official description describes, it was "designed by Shunya Yamashita, this legendary witcher has received an unexpected makeover into a beautiful female form. Now she comes to life, ready to unsheath her silver sword and cast Igni on her foes." No word on pricing, but this first figure is due out in February of 2024.

While Ciri will retain her original form, we can't wait to see such other hunks from the wider Witchering World get the bishoujo treatment. We'll wait with bated breath for the inevitable reveal of anime Vesimir, whose own glow-up could only be outdone by a breathtakingly-beautiful Bloody Baron.

What do you think of Geralt's bishoujo makeover? Any other figurines you're hoping to see out of this admittedly niche collaboration? Dress to impress in the comments section below.